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At Clayton Flooring Inc. we are well aware of the fact that you've already looked at the low-end laminate floor coverings available in just about every type of store available.  We know that when you did your groceries there is a good chance you caught a glimpse of what looked like a laminate floor between the produce and baked goods aisles.  We also know that there is a reason you have decided to visit our store to find out more about the confusing world of laminate floor coverings.

If you are considering a laminate floor covering we are happy to explain the differences between those brands we are familiar with as well as explain why spending a little more on a high quality laminate will same you money in the long run.

We have taken care in selecting which laminate brands we carry to ensure that our laminate floor covering selection will perform exceptionally well while remaining maintenance friendly.  For example, three of the five brands we carry are members of the N.A.L.F.A. (North American Laminate Flooring Association).  This is important to mention because members of the N.A.L.F.A. have taken extra steps towards conforming to a laminate flooring standard that is otherwise absent from the North American market.

These products feature ultra-dense cores, phenomenal visuals and textures, and some warranties you won't find on other products.

Come visit Clayton Flooring Inc. to see the difference and request your FREE estimate today!